Author: Andy Amend

Shedd the Straw update

Some shocking facts appear when one considers the consequences of plastic “convenience” items. Scientists predict that if we ignore the issue, the amount of plastics in our oceans will exceed the amount of fishes pound for pound by the year 2050. Shedd Aquarium is addressing the problem of single-use plastics. Their campaign, Shedd the Straw, was launched on Earth Day, 2017 with the focus on reducing the use of plastic straws.  Americans use 500 million straws each day – approximately equivalent to the weight of 1,000 cars. Straws are composed of a petroleum byproduct, polypropylene, that is mixed with...

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Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Energy Efficiency Project – Funding Available

Funding is available for projects that save energy! The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Public Sector Energy Efficiency Program (PSEE) provides funding and technical assistance to help local governments update and retrofit public facilities and/or streetlights to improve energy efficiency and save money. Click here to apply! For more information, please contact Brian Tomkins at or 312-201-4508. Municipalities, park districts, libraries, schools, townships, and other local governments throughout the ComEd®, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, and North Shore Gas services areas are invited to participate. As a result of the Future Energy Jobs Act, the public sector energy efficiency program, formerly...

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Ask Illinois municipalities to ban Coal Tar Sealants

The proposed Illinois statewide Coal Tar Pavement Sealant Ban, HB 2958, is dead for another year. These sealants are banned locally in Winnetka, Highland Park and Barrington. Local bans not only help protect residents from the health risks of these products, but also demonstrate to state officials that their constituents are in favor of banning these toxic products. You can help by contacting your local elected officials (Mayors, Village Presidents and Trustees, City Councils, etc.) to ask that they pass a coal tar sealant ban in your municipality. Elected officials in some communities have indicated a willingness to ban...

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Ask our state and local communities to support Paris Climate Agreement

Climate Change In response to President Trump withdrawing America from the Paris Climate Agreement, American municipalities and states are declaring that they will continue to implement this agreement. To date, over 300 American mayors, representing over 65 million Americans, have declared their intent to take action on climate in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.  Highland Park’s declaration is here. Please check here to see if your Mayor has signed on. If they have, make sure they have a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that they implement it. If not, contact your Mayor and elected representatives to ask...

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5th Graders ‘Bike Hike’ to Middle School in NB/GV School District 30

Inaugural Bike Hike Draws Many Participants and Faculty on May 15! Over 40 Wescott and Willowbrook School fifth graders’ participated in District 30’s Environmental Awareness Committee’s (EAC’s) Bike Hike with Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley, Principals Scott Carlson and Chris Brown on May 15; in honor of National Bike To School Day in May.  They rode with students and volunteers from their respective schools to Maple School. While at Maple, the kids enjoyed popsicles, heard about bike safety from Maple’s Service Learning Club members and sponsor Jillian Rathge. Then everyone returned to school, led by administrators and parents. EAC members who helped coordinate...

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