Author: Kim Stone

Alternative Energy Suppliers

There are several electricity providers operating in our area, some of whom say they are providing renewable energy. In looking for clean energy, some questions to ask include: What percentage of the energy provided is from renewable sources? What are these sources, and what percentage of each is included? If it’s not 100% renewable, what source(s) provide the balance of the power? Does your program include the purchase of electricity from renewable sources or renewable energy credits? Where does the energy come from (geographically)? What percentage is from Illinois? You should also verify the prices and terms before signing...

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Fuel Economy Standards Under Attack

Do you want to pay more at the pump while also adding more pollution into the air? The Trump Administration is looking to do just that by trying to weaken auto fuel efficiency standards. In 2012, automakers agreed to strengthen these standards –  known as CAFE for corporate average fuel economy. However, now automakers are working behind the scenes to weaken these standards. More efficient cars not only save consumers money, but also reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We have made great strides in auto fuel efficiency in recent years, saving consumers billions of dollars, and we...

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Job Killing Solar Tariffs

According to Inside Climate News, the Trump Administration’s new tariffs on solar panels will have a significant impact in terms of lost jobs in the booming solar business in the US. The Solar Energy Industries Association predicts a loss of “… roughly 23,000 American jobs this year…” Inside Climate News says “Solar jobs have tripled since 2010 to more than 260,000, according to the Solar Foundation’s most recent National Jobs Census in 2016. In contrast, coal mining employs about 50,500, according to December figures from the Federal Reserve, well below the industry’s recent peak employment of 90,000 in 2012.”...

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Kids on the Move in Highland Park

No one forgets how to ride a bike. They just forget that they should be riding a bike. That’s why Highland Park’s Bike Walk Advisory Group (BWAG) teamed up with Highland Park School District 112 to encourage students to walk or bike to school in October. With 7 schools participating, hundreds of students took part by riding bikes and scooters or walking to school on October 13. Read more about this successful program here and...

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Industry works to undermine Clean Air Act

In the year 2020, the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments will prevent over 230,000 early deaths, according to the US EPA. Their 2011 study found the Amendments to be cost effective, with benefits exceeding costs by a factor of more than 30 to one. The Clean Air Act provides tremendous value in improved health outcomes as well. It is supported by the American people and business interests. So, it was disturbing to read that the oil industry is working to scale it back by undermining the science behind...

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