Author: Beth Drucker

Leaf Blower Restriction Ordinances

Some Go Green Illinois member communities have instituted ordinances to restrict the use of gas-powered leaf blowers but enforcement is always a challenge. Wilmette and Highland Park have ordinances.  If your community has an ordinance, please upload it to this website so other member communities can learn from your community. Read about Wilmette’s ordinance here.  See the Wilmette ordinance on our Resources...

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New Trier and SWANCC Conduct Waste Audit 

Members of the New Trier Environmental Club teamed up with SWANCC, NTHS administration and GGW volunteers to conduct a cafeteria waste audit at the Freshman Campus. SWANCC found that NTHS could divert 505 pounds of food from the landfill every week just from the Freshman campus. Great data will help New Trier reduce waste at both schools going forward. If you are interested in reducing waste at your schools, please contact Mary Allen at SWANCC at or your SWALCO...

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New Bike Rack on the Green Bay Trail

Thanks to the Village of Winnetka and The Winnetka Park District, there is now a brand new bicycle rack installed on the Green Bay Trail near the bridge over Winnetka Avenue. This will make it easier for both train commuters using the Indian Hill Station and New Trier students and staff to use the trail and lock their bikes near their destination.  Getting more people to bicycle to the station and to school, while not increasing car/bike conflicts and potential accidents, is a win-win for all.  Spread the word and help get the rack filled...

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Join the Bike to Worship Weekend

Bike Glenview is planning the second annual “Bike to Worship Weekend” for May 19 – 21. Go Green Wilmette followed their lead last year but called it “Roll & Stroll to Worship Weekend” to encourage walkers as well as cyclists. This is an easy and no-cost way to encourage healthy practices in your community. A Wilmette pastor reported that the 2016 event was very popular in her congregation and that she definitely saw some new and younger families attending that day. Most communities have an inter-religious leaders group that can be easily tapped into to suggest and promote the...

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